Counselling and psychotherapy in Milton Keynes and Oxford

There are many reasons why you might want to talk to someone outside of your family or friendship circles. You may feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed or you may want change in your life and psychotherapy or counselling can help you achieve this. It can be a daunting decision to start therapy, but it’s also the first step to feeling better.

Working with a psychotherapist gives you a private and confidential space where you can begin to explore your innermost thoughts, beliefs, feelings and experiences in an unpressured way free from judgement. Reconnecting to yourself can help to loosen conditioned reactions or patterns of feeling stuck.

Find out more about me, and the way I work through psychotherapy and counselling to see whether you might want to work with me.

A compassionate and caring way to understand ourselves and our lives

Engaging in an understanding, caring and non-judgmental relationship is the ideal place to explore the issues, experiences, thoughts and feelings that have brought you to seek help.

Working at a pace that is comfortable for you, we will explore the situations and challenges you are facing in your life. Speaking about what is difficult and having your experience received and understood can be profoundly healing.

Speaking about what is difficult helps us to see more clearly where we are stuck and to explore different ways of responding to the challenges of our life. Therapy is a way you can begin to bring all of yourself into a more harmonious whole with no parts left out.

Online sessions

I offer both short term & long term therapy online – either because you are based further afield or if we cannot meet in person because of the coronavirus.

Free initial session

I offer a free initial session which gives you a chance to see if you would like to work with me and ask me any questions you may have. My counselling and psychotherapy practice is based in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes and in Summertown, Oxford as well as online. Various appointment times are available – including weekday evenings.