Couples therapy

Couples therapy

I offer pragmatic and supportive sessions with couples to heal all aspects of your relationship, whatever issues and challenges you are facing.

Working on your relationship helps address the sometimes hurt and confusing ways that we can relate to each other. We all have hidden or unacknowledged feelings and defences which shape how we respond to situations, and we can also learn news ways of being that cutivate understanding, strength and resiliance in our relationships..

My work with couples helps you firstly understand what you are feeling and why, and secondly to be able to listen more deeply to each other so that you can understand each others needs and desires more clearly. I will support you to develop new ways of relating that help you work through challnges and issues in ways that are positive and healing rather than hurtful and divisive.

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If you’d like to explore working with me then WhatsApp or call me on 07946 818012 or send me a message.