What would be possible for you if everything that was holding you back disappeared?

Therapeutic coaching helps with a wide range of difficulties and provides help and direction with overcoming challenges of all kinds. Limiting beliefs, old habit patterns and self-judgements hold us back from living more fully and being ourselves more completely. Learning to work with difficult feelings such as anxiety, anger or jealousy, creating positive self worth and building resilience and confidence can help you engage more fully in life.

Coaching sessions are typically fortnightly where we look at the life you want to create, the challenges you want to overcome and what might be getting in the way of a rich and rewarding life. Our work may include looking at your thoughts and feelings, your conscious and unconscious mind, judgements of self and other, as well as your past, present and future. Drawing on psychological understandings of what has shaped us, we will address the heart of your difficulties and challenges.

I work in unique ways with each person, bringing insights and understandings from depth psychotherapy and the wisdom traditions that have been part of my own journey. I am a certified transformational coach with over 10 years of coaching experience.

A better relationship with yourself and others

Relationships are often one of the most challenging aspects of our lives and having someone work with you to navigate the challenges of relating authentically and wholeheartedly can improve relationships of all kinds. With more understanding of your own needs while also developing healthy boundaries can create more connected and fulfilling relationships.

We often underestimate what we are capable of, focusing on what is wrong with us rather than what is right. Through coaching, we will look towards the kind of life and relationships you want to create for yourself. we will work on the whole of you – your mind, your body and how you relate to self and others to develop insights and new ways of being that transform your life.

Get in touch

If you’d like to explore working with me I offer a free initial session to explore what you want to create in your life. WhatsApp or call me on 07946 818012 or send me a message. I work in-person in Milton Keynes or online via Zoom.